useful tips and Agreement Templates

Useful tips when applying for external funding.

  1. Our guide 'Veiviser til virkemiddelapparatet' includes a list of different public funding schemes and tips for the project development and application stages. The checklist in the third paragraph is particularly useful.
  2. Always check the announcement and all deadlines for the relevant programme before beginning the application process. Get in touch with the person who is listed as the contact for the announcement in question.
  3. OG21 has created several documents that describe the Norwegian technology strategy in oil and gas development. These documents form the basis of allocation of research funds through PETROMAKS and DEMO 2000. Read more about OG21 Technology Target Areas: TTA1 – TTA4.
  4. GCE Subsea can provide professional and financial support for applications for external funding. Read more about project development funding in GCE Subsea. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Agreement Templates

Writing a good agreement is not easy. The Research Council of Norway and Innovation Norway offer several templates for collaboration agreements that regulate working methods, rights and obligations between the partners in a project.

Download the collaboration agreement templates from The Research Council of Norway.

Download the template for innovation contract from Innovation Norway .

These templates are publicly available general documents and should be adapted to each project.

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